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Should we really be worried about our family’s safety?

Crime occurs every day in all communities right here in Georgia. It does not discriminate on sex, race, or socioeconomic status. We see it in pretty graphic detail when we turn on the television. We read about it when we pick up the newspaper and we hear about it when we turn on the radio. If our kids walk into the room, we quickly reach for the remote to change the channel and hope and pray they did not hear or see the violence. Your child asks you why you changed the channel and you simply respond that you wanted to see what else was on TV.

We know crime exists. But when it comes to our family — to our children — we never like to consider the possibility that something could happen to them. Is ignoring the problem really going to protect you and your family? Do you still think the world hasn’t changed since you were a kid. Remember those days? Your parents would leave the doors unlocked at night and the windows open to allow the fresh air to gently blow through the home. This was a time when no one would have ever thought about installing an alarm in their own home. We didn’t know about mace or tasers or carjackings. The bicycle was our method of transportation as we would ride it most anywhere at any time and never think twice about it.

Times have changed…

There is nothing like the innocence of a child. They think the world is a beautiful place. Why would anyone want to hurt anyone else — especially them? As a parent, we always have concerns for their safety and well-being. But we don’t want to alarm them or over-react. We also don’t want to destroy their innocence or paralyze them with fear.

So we revert back to denying the problem exists. It could never happen to me or my family. Things like this always happen to someone else. “I know how to be safe”, and we re-assure ourselves “I never leave my children alone.” We are comforted when we remember that they understand the whole “stranger-danger” concept. We reach for the remote, sit back on the couch, and turn the tv to our favorite reality show.

But let me give you a few disturbing facts about crime here in Georgia, and then you can answer whether or not you are worried about your family’s safety:

* According to a report from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics Database that profiles the number of reported indexed crimes, in 2007 in Georgia, there were:

o 712 Murders
o 2,071 Rapes
o 16,880 Robberies
o 25,235 Aggravated Assaults
o 86,461 Burglaries

Additional Stats You Should Know

So we know there is a problem. We realize our children are vulnerable. We know we are at risk. What do we do to protect ourselves and our families from being a statistic?


We believe knowledge is the ultimate defense. If we do not know HOW to avoid a dangerous situation, or recognize WHEN we are in a dangerous situation, then we are very vulnerable to having bad things happen. Our mission at KeepGeorgiaSafe.org is to provide powerful and realistic safety education and crime prevention training to Georgia’s families.


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