Our Mission

Keep Georgia Safe is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to provide safety education and crime prevention training in Georgia.


Keep Georgia Safe has a two-pronged approach to safety training and crime prevention:


  1. Reactive:Child Abduction Recovery Teams (CART): Keep Georgia Safe coordinates and sponsors CART training and certification, a multi-disciplinary approach for first responders to recover missing or abducted children. All participating state and local agencies combine valuable resources and practice search techniques and strategies for the safe return of abducted children.

    Legislative Initiative: Georgia currently does not have a Felony DNA Arrestee Law. DNA evidence has been the most effective and valuable weapon used to identify the perpetrator in an unsolved rape or murder case while helping to exonerate those under suspicion, or worse, those falsely accused. DNA is already collected in every federal arrest. Twenty-three states have now passed DNA Arrestee Laws. Keep Georgia Safe has a 501(h) provision, allowing for the organization to work with law makers and other organizations to help pass a Felony DNA Arrestee Law in Georgia.

  2. Proactive Education: Keep Georgia Safe provides safety education and crime prevention training through:
    • Free Safety Seminars: Keep Georgia Safe coordinates and sponsors hands-on educational programs that provides tools and skills for trainers to teach children on how to recognize, avoid, resist and escape violence, abduction and harm.
    • School Curriculum Initiative: Curriculum for Georgia schools to teach age-appropriate safety empowerment programs and awareness.
    • Media Campaigns: Public service information on safety education and crime prevention.
    • Web and Electronic Outreach: Website content providing free safety tips and additional resources for proactive education and crime prevention.