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Top Safety Tips for Parents

  1. Make sure your children know their full name, address, telephone number, exact name of your place of work, and family emergency contact phone numbers.
  2. Know where your children are and whom they are with at all times.
  3. Tell them to check in with you regularly and if there is a change in plans.
  4. The “Buddy System” isn’t only for the pool. Ensure your children always take a buddy.
  5. Establish clear boundaries about places your children may go, whom they go with, people they may see, and activities they may do.
  6. Teach your children to trust their instincts. It is okay to say NO to an adult. Tell them adults should not ask children for help, and warn them that those who do may be trying to “trick” them. For example adults should not ask children “help me find my puppy?”
  7. If someone should try to grab them, tell them to make a scene; yell loudly “this person is not my mommy/daddy” and make every effort to get away by kicking, screaming, and resisting.
  8. Encourage open communication and dialog in your family. Develop safety plans together and practice “what if” scenarios. Teach your children to TELL a trusted adult if anything makes them feel scared, uncomfortable or confused.
  9. Practice with your children what they should do if they become lost in a public place. One of the best things they can do is to find a “Mommy” with children and tell her they are lost. Tell them to stay with her in an open area until you are found.
  10. If children must be home alone, consider installing a security alarm and make sure they know how to place a 911 call. Tell them that they should NEVER open the door for anyone and to keep all doors and windows locked.


Parking Lot Safety Tips

  1. Park up front in well-lit, high traffic areas. Remember where you parked.
  2. Stay alert, ready, and aware of your surroundings. Predators are looking for distracted victims.
  3. Do not hesitate to request a security escort.
  4. Walk with purpose. While entering and exiting the vehicle make continuous eye scans of the area.
  5. Have keys in hand. No phone, no text, no ipod earbuds.
  6. Do not park next to persons waiting in parked cars or big vans.
  7. Valet when possible when driving alone or alone with children.
  8. Never allow someone to force you into a vehicle. Make a scene and fight at all costs.
  9. Check the back of your vehicle before you get in. Lock doors and leave. Ensure you are not being followed.
  10. Most important: Trust your instincts. If it does not feel right, it probably is not!